Fraser Coast Events in August


Goodwood, Bundaberg, Bargara

Training at Fraser Coast

Venue: To be announced

Goodwood, Bundaberg, Bargara


Daryl Trembath / 0413 255 192

Daryl is teaching classes at the Fraser Coast.

These events will include business training, essential oil classes and the new empowered success system from doTERRA. The new empowered kit will have a new script on Nature's Solutions, Daryl will show this as well.

Intended itinerary is as follows:

  • 18th August at 123 Olivers Road, Goodwood
  • 19th August at Bargara
  • 19th August at Bundaberg
  • 20th August TBA
  • 21st August TBA

We are looking for expresions of interest for these dates.

Please tell me where you are interested in the comments.

There are 8 people coming.

There are 42 places available.

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